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Start-up and Market Entry in Japan

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We provide Seamless Japan market entry, and business start-up solutions. This includes:

  • Making first on the ground hires

  • Support services for entity establishment

  • Working Visa Consultancy 

  • Office space arrangements

  • Employee payrolls and employment solutions

  • Market intelligence, regulatory guidelines, etc.


From first-on-the-ground specialists, back office professionals to Country Managers, we help you find the best people, fast and reliably.


Retained Search Service

Retained Search

We provide Retained Searches helping our clients find exceptional professional leaders for their hard-to-fill senior to executive level positions.


Through this model, the client exclusively retains us to fill key searches at highly confidential levels. With the highest level of industry representation, we are able to attract highly skilled candidates including passive job seekers from targeted industries and companies who possess the necessary skills and experience to make immediate positive impact to your business upon joining.

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This process includes:

  • Client de-brief on the search

  • Market mapping

  • Talent assessment, and screening

  • Shortlisting

  • Interviews by the client

  • Offers and onboarding support etc.


Timeframes are ideally three to six months.

We recommend using this search methodology for:

  • C-level managerial positions

  • Highly confidential searches

  • Searches that require market mapping

  • Key position hiring

  • Targeted hiring of talent in the market through headhunting.


Our search methodology is great for making key hires for succession planning, leadership development, management re-structuring, business upgrades and attracting top talent from the industry.


You are guaranteed of using our customized retained methodology bringing you additional value beyond a common contingency search, and filling the position through industry insights and relevant information sharing.

Contingency Search Service

Contingency Search

Similar to most recruitment agencies, we provide contingency searches for your ordinary hiring needs categorized below:

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Exclusive Contingency Searches

Work exclusively with our firm working in close partnership to fill specific positions especially managerial positions, highly skilled/technical roles, quality-talent' demanded roles, and confidential positions.

Ordinary Contingency Searches

You short-list selected recruitment vendors including our firm to fill broad range of positions in your organization usually for common hiring needs over the course of the year. Being a common transactional search methodology, you can benefit from the wide variety of talent sourced by selected agencies for comparison purposes.

Interim Talent Solutions

We provide interim talent solutions to support you with project based, fixed term contract, and short-term urgent hires to maintain smooth business continuity to achieve the desired short- and long-term business goals.

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